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I Start Counting
I start counting.jpg
I Start Counting (Left: David Baker, Right: Simon Leonard)
Background information
GenresElectronic, synthpop[1]
Years active1984 (1984)–1989 (1989)
LabelsMute Records
Associated actsKomputer
Fortran 5
Past membersDavid Baker
Simon Leonard

I Start Counting were an electronic music duo from North London. The band consisted of David Baker and Simon Leonard.[2]


Baker and Leonard had met at Middlesex University; both had an affection for pop music.[3] In 1982, they began to DJ together which led them to form the I Start Counting project. Leonard specialized in the technology side and Baker was biased toward the musical side of the project.[3] They approached Daniel Miller with some demos of their recorded material. These demos led to Mute Records signing the duo in 1984.[3]
Initially they recorded two singles for Mute titled "Letters to a Friend" and "Still Smiling"; both singles were produced by Daniel Miller.[4] Then in 1986, I Start Counting recorded their debut album titled My Translucent Hands. The album was produced by Paul Kendall.[5] In 1987, they supported Erasure on their European tour.[3]
The band's second album was released in June 1989, titled Fused. It included a new version of the track "Lose Him",[6] made up of sampled voices instead of a recorded singer.
In 1990, they recorded some new material, but realized that it sounded quite different to their previous electropop recordings.[3] This new style of dance/techno was released under the name Fortran 5;[3] the band would later change their name again to cater for the Kraftwerk-influenced project known as Komputer.



  • 1986 - My Translucent Hands (Mute Records)
  • 1989 - Fused (Mute Records)


  • 1984 - "Letters to a Friend" (Mute Records)
  • 1985 - "Still Smiling" (Mute Records)
  • 1986 - "Catch That Look" (Mute Records)
  • 1987 - "My Translucent Hands" (Mute Records)
  • 1988 - "Lose Him" (Mute Records)
  • 1988 - "Ra! Ra! Rawhide" (Mute Records)
  • 1989 - "Million Headed Monster" (Mute Records)



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