I Want You to Know (Fats Domino song)

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"I Want You to Know"
I Want You to Know (Fats Domino song).jpg
Single by Fats Domino
Songwriter(s)Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew

"I Want You to Know" is a 1957 Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew song. Since Domino was on the road touring Bartholomew hired Allen Toussaint to lay down the piano track.[1] The other side of the single was "The Big Beat" , which although listed second on the cover, also became a hit.

"I Want to Know" was covered by The Everly Brothers in 1960 on their album It's Everly Time. It was also covered by the early reggae artist Millie Small on her 1965 album Millie Small Sings Fats Domino.


  1. ^ Grace Lichtenstein Musical Gumbo: The Music of New Orleans 1993 p112 "Fats Domino was on the road; Bartholomew needed someone to lay down his piano track for an upcoming recording on which Fats would dub the vocals later. Toussaint obliged and the tune, "I Want You to Know," made the charts in due course. "I played precisely like Fats Domino would have played it," he noted, not a difficult job for him since he regularly practiced note-for-note covers of piano parts..."