I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown

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I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown
GenreAnimated TV special
Created byCharles M. Schulz
Directed byBill Melendez
Larry Leichliter
Voices ofJimmy Bennett
Adam Taylor Gordon
Ashley Rose Orr
Corey Padnos
Hannah Leigh Dworkin
Nick Price
Jake Miner
Kailtyn Maggio
Bill Melendez
Composer(s)David Benoit
Country of origin United States
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)Lee Mendelson
Producer(s)Bill Melendez
Running time41 minutes
Production company(s)United Feature Syndicate
Original networkABC
Original releaseDecember 9, 2003 (2003-12-09)
Preceded byLucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown
Followed byHe's a Bully, Charlie Brown

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown is one of Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts made-for-television specials. The special first aired on ABC on December 9, 2003. It was released to DVD and VHS by Paramount on October 26, 2004, and Warner Home Video released it as a remastered deluxe edition on DVD on October 6, 2009. This special was re-released as part of the box set Snoopy's Holiday Collection on October 1, 2013.


Rerun van Pelt is miserable due to his sister, Lucy and his brother, Linus. All he wants is a dog to cheer him up, but he mother refuses due to dogs being too much trouble.

At Kindergarten, Rerun tells Kim, a girl with pigtails that she should run away to Paris. However, Kim tells her mother, followed by her mother who tells the teacher, and followed by the teacher who tells the principal. He ends up in the principal's office, and it shows that the principal has written him up (he gets a discipline report). As a result, Rerun is suspended from school (which turns out to be a 1 day long term suspension for harassment). Luckily, Christmas is coming soon, so Rerun writes a letter to Santa Claus. He asks for a dog. Then Rerun goes to the pet store and tells the shopkeeper, "What I need is a leash, and a collar, and a supper dish. And you can just put it on my tab." But Rerun doesn't have a tab, so he's thrown out of the shop!

Luckily, Charlie Brown lets Snoopy play with Rerun, but eventually, Snoopy stops playing and Rerun is lonelier than ever. One day, Rerun comes over and asks Charlie Brown if Snoopy can be sold. Rerun shows he has six cents and doesn't have enough. He needs $10. Rerun decides to meet Santa Claus.

Snoopy dresses up as Santa and Woodstock becomes his secretary. Sally tells Woodstock she wants a bicycle, a new sled, some Inline skates and a skipping rope. Woodstock throws her wish list in the bin. Rerun and Lucy visit Snoopy and Woodstock. Rerun tells Snoopy what he wants. Rerun reveals he wants a dog due to everybody having one.

Rerun visits Charlie Brown and asks him about Snoopy.

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Shermy, Eudora, and Frieda also appear, but are silent.


  • This special is the second time Snoopy's brothers Marbles, Olaf, and Andy appear in a Peanuts special, the first being 1991's Snoopy's Reunion. His sister Belle is also mentioned but not seen.
  • The scene in which Lucy fattens Spike up was previously used in the "Snoopy's Brother Spike" episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show.

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