I Want a Solution

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I Want a Solution
Directed by Said Marzouk
Produced by Salah Zulfikar
Written by Said Marzouk
Faten Hamama
Starring Faten Hamama
Cinematography Mustafa Imam
Release date
  • 1975 (1975)
Running time
115 minutes
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

I Want a Solution (Arabic: أريد حلاً‎, translit. Oridu hallan) is a 1975 Egyptian drama film directed by Said Marzouk.[1] The film was selected as the Egyptian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 48th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.[2] The film criticized the laws governing marriage and divorce in Egypt.[3] The script was written by Said Marzouk and Faten Hamama.[4] The film is inspired by a true story and it is Marzouk's third feature film.[5]


The film unveils the injustice of Egypt's personal status laws against women. Doria an egyptian women is seeking to divorce her husband Methat a former diplomat with aristocratic background. In flashbacks, we learn that Methat verbally and physically abuses his wife and cheats on her. Doria requested divorce, but according to the Egyptian laws, a woman can only ask for divorce in specific cases.


Hamama, with Rushdy Abaza, in I Want a Solution (1974)

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