I Want to Marry Ryan Banks

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I Want to Marry Ryan Banks
Directed by Sheldon Larry
Produced by Ted Bauman
Howard Braunstein
Joel S. Rice
Michael Jaffe
Written by Chad Hodge
Starring Jason Priestley
Bradley Cooper
Emma Caulfield
Mark L. Walberg
Paige Jones
Lauren Lee Smith
Music by Phil Marshall
Cinematography Tony Westman
Edited by Rob Seidenglanz
Distributed by ABC
Release date
  • January 18, 2004 (2004-01-18)
Running time
95 minutes
Country Canada
United States
Language English

I Want to Marry Ryan Banks (also known as Reality of Love)[1] is a 2004 television film starring Jason Priestley, Bradley Cooper and Emma Caulfield.


Ryan Banks is a struggling movie star. His best friend and agent, Todd Doherty, creates a TV show called I Want to Marry Ryan Banks in hopes of saving Banks's faltering career. The show works much like the Bachelor TV show, with fifteen beautiful women competing for Banks's love and affection.

Charlie Norton becomes a contestant when her sister and brother-in-law submit an audition tape for her. Like all the other girls, Norton is picked in order to help boost Banks's image. She is then contacted at her sister's Boston bar by Banks himself, and decides to participate on the show.

Once in the house, Norton becomes fast friends with her roommate Lauren, an aspiring actress who is only using the show to get exposure. She also discovers how "reality" TV shows work, with multiple takes and editing.

As Norton thinks she is falling for Banks, Doherty is feeding him lines. When Norton discovers the man she is in love with is really Doherty, she tries to quit the show, only to find out that it would breach her contract. As "America's choice", Norton and Lauren become the two finalists, despite Norton trying to sabotage her own chances by changing her sweet and easy-going behavior while on a trip with Banks.

With Banks's help, Doherty manages to get Norton back, and they are married a year later.



The movie was re-released to DVD in 2012 under the name Reality of Love in an attempt to spark rentals from the popular Redbox machines.


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