I Warned You!

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I Warned you!
FG - I Warned You.jpg
Studio album by Ferre Grignard
Released April 1978 (1978-04)
Recorded Late 1977 - Early 1978 @ Studio Soundpush, Blaricum
Genre R+B, Blues Rock
Length 39:32
Label Philips
Producer Hugo Spencer + Jan Schuurman
Ferre Grignard chronology
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I warned you!
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Singles from I Warned you!
  1. "I Warned You / All Right [1]"
    Released: March 1978

I Warned You (stylized as "I warned you!") is Belgian skiffle musician Ferre Grignard's 1978 and last album.

Several tracks have been known to be played more a decade before recording. "All Right" had been played for a French television broadcast in 1973. "Orphan Blues" had been played live in the late 60s. A live 1966 recording of "I'm Alabama Bound" appears on the LP Beat & Prosa[2]

"On My Dying Bed" has an incorrect running time of '5.30' on the LP label. There are three extra verses printed on the lyrics sheet, presumably cut out during the mastering of the album. This running time is in fact that of its demo "The First of the Sick Animals", released on Lost Tracks.

The lyric sheet has a vast number of typos on it, this is due to Ferre's style of singing. Either a transcript typed out an interpretation of the lyrics, or Ferre sang them in his loose English and provided the printing press with his lyric sheets. Due to Ferre's cut-up style, however, he improvised much of his vocal output using various lines such as "sailing down" and "sun shine bright".

Although several of the self-penned songs are credited thus, some parts are lifted from other songs following the folk tradition. "The New Sheriff" shares some verses with Woody Guthrie's "Dead or Alive". "All Right" has one bit culled from "Roving Gambler". "Orphan Blues" is almost a copy of "I've Been Treated Wrong".

Track List[edit]

Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I Warned You" Ferre Grignard 4:10
2. "The New Sheriff" Ferre Grignard 3:40
3. "All Right" Ferre Grignard 3:40
4. "Orphan Blues" Ferre Grignard 5:13
5. "Irene Goodnight" H. Ledbetter 3:19
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I'm Alabama Bound" Trad./arr. Ferre Grignard 3:22
2. "Have A Whiff On Me" Trad./arr. Ferre Grignard 1:15
3. "On My Dying Bed" (Original title: The First of the Sick Animals) Ferre Grignard 4:38
4. "Midnight Special" Trad./arr. Ferre Grignard 4:10
5. "Smoozy Punky Baby" Ferre Grignard 6:02

Personnel [3][edit]

Ferre worked with members of Belgian Blues band 5th Ball Gang during the late 70s. The members he worked with are seen posing with him on the back cover of the album in the dining room of the house Ferre was living in at the time, the mansion of fellow Flemish songwriter Peter Benoit.

  • Ferre Grignard: Vocals + Guitar
  • Hugo Spencer: Bass + Vocals
  • Trevor Pape: Lead Guitar
  • Luk Kuypers: Drums
  • William Down: Mandolin, Violin + Banjo
  • George "Toet" Smits: Harmonica