I Was a Cub Scout

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I Was a Cub Scout
Origin Lincolnshire, England
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2006–2008
Labels Abeano XL
Website Official Website
Past members Todd Marriott
William Bowerman[1]

I Was a Cub Scout were a two-piece synthpop/indie rock band from Long Bennington and Collingham, England, consisting of William Bowerman and Todd Marriott. They were formed in 2006, and split on 5 June 2008. The bands discography is available here https://iwasacubscout.bandcamp.com/

New bands[edit]

Since the split, both former members have created new bands. Todd Marriott has formed YGT, an electronic duo with Tom Mclean.[2][3][4]

Immediately after IWACS split, Bowerman formed the instrumental band Brontide, which allowed him to showcase his considerable post-rock drumming skills. Bowerman also plays live and also session drums for La Roux and is tour drummer for Summer Camp and Paul Mullen (of yourcodenameis:milo) also announced on his Twitter that he had been recording with Will and Gordon Moakes of Bloc Party.[5]


Studio albums[edit]


Year A-side B-side(s) UK Singles Chart Release date
2006 We Were Made to Love" "Part Two" - 4 September 2006
2006 "Pink Squares" "Echoes"
"Pink Squares" (Banquet remix)
71[6] 27 November 2006
2007 "I Hate Nightclubs" "Oh What a Fiasco!" 116 12 March 2007
2007 "Our Smallest Adventures" "Our Smallest Adventures" (GoodBooks remix) - 3 September 2007
2008 The Hunter's Daughter[7]" "Close to Me" - 16 June 2008

The song "Save Your Wishes" was given away on iTunes for free, giving I Was a Cub Scout major publicity.[citation needed]


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