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I WiSH is a Japanese pop group consisting of two members, Ai Kawashima and nao. Ai is responsible for the vocals and occasionally plays the piano also with nao on the keyboard or piano. Their most notable track is "Asu e no tobira" (明日への扉) and was in the Oricon rankings for over a year. [1]

Nao learned the piano when he was 5 years old. He started making original music, for example "Asu e no tobira" (明日への扉), "Futatsuboshi" (ふたつ星), "Yakusoku no hi" (約束の日) and so on. He won the grand prix held by YAMAHA. According to his web site, he has a perfect pitch.

Ai Kawashima's father was missing before she was born, and her mother died when she was just three years old. She was adopted by Kawashima’s family as an adopted daughter after she spent some time in an orphanage. She learned how to play the piano when she was only 3 years old. In 1999, she debuted as an Enka singer, however, it wasn’t a hit. In 2002, they started a life on the road by singing with their own electric piano as a companiment. In 2005, March 24, they dissolved “I WISH,” because they want to concentrate on solo activity. But in 2008, they resolved one more time for a last single together.

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