I giorni dell'abbandono

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I giorni dell'abbandono
(Days of abandonment)
I giorni dell'abbandono.jpg
Directed by Roberto Faenza
Based on Elena Ferrante's novel "I giorni dell'abbandono"
Starring Margherita Buy
Luca Zingaretti
Music by Goran Bregović
Carmen Consoli
Cinematography Maurizio Calvesi
Running time
96 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

I giorni dell'abbandono is a film of 2005 by Roberto Faenza, set in Turin, based on the novel by Elena Ferrante.


Olga (Buy), literary translator, wife and mother of two is suddenly abandoned by her husband (Zingaretti) for a younger woman. With this she enters into a painful lapse that turns into despair that brings her to sleep and food deprivation. She encounters a neighbour musician (Goran Bregović) that moves something in her. After a descent into hell and eventual rise from despair, Olga lives an insight that makes her realize that she was not losing her mind for the lost love but discovers the meaning of losing her dignity and being imprisoned in a single role, which she must break in order to enjoy life.



The film has received five nominations for several awards:

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