I Kill

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I kill
Author Giorgio Faletti
Original title Io uccido
Language English
Genre Young adult novel
Publisher Constable
Publication date
3 June 2010
Media type Print Paperback
Pages 624

I kill is a thriller written by Giorgio Faletti. The book was translated from Italian in which it was a best seller, published in 27 editions,[1] to English, in which it also went on to become a best seller, published in 10 editions.[1]

The Italian edition was published in Milan in 2002 [2] The English language translation by the author was first published in Milan by Baldini Castoldi Dalai, in 2008 (ISBN 9788860732958), and in 2010 in London by Constable (ISBN 9781849012959) According to WorldCat it is held in 440 libraries.[3] It was also translated into other languages, often in multiple editions:[4] < Spanish, translated by Rosa S Corgatell, published in 2005 with the title Yo mato.  ; Chinese, as 我殺 / Wo sha and as 非人 / Fei ren ; French, as Je tue; Portuguese, as Eu mato; Czech, as Já vraždím; Russian, as Я убиваю; Dutch, as Ik dood; Croatian, as Ja ubijam ; German, as Ich töte; Hebrew, as אני הורג; Danish as Jeg dræber; Slovenian as Jaz ubijam; Swedish as Jag dödar; Finnish as Minä tapan; Polish as Ja zabijam;[1]