I Remember Everything, Richard

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Es visu atceros, Ričard
(Akmens un šķembas)
Directed byRolands Kalniņš
StarringEduards Pāvuls
Antra Liedskalniņa
Harijs Liepiņš
Pauls Butkēvičs
Uldis Pūcītis
Music byLudgards Gedravičus
CinematographyMiks Zvirbulis
Distributed byRīgas kinostudija
Gilde Film Studio
Release date
Running time
83 min.
CountryLatvian SSR, USSR

I Remember Everything, Richard (Latvian: Es visu atceros, Ričard) is a 1966 film[1] produced during Soviet period at the Riga Film Studio. Another name for the film is Rock and Splinters (Latvian: Akmens un šķembas), which is normally applied to the uncut version.

The film's director was Rolands Kalniņš.


Synopsis in brief: Three friends — Jānis, Zigis and Ričards — are mobilized into the Latvian Legion during World War II, where they fight against the Red Army in the Volkhov Marshes. Zigis is killed while attempting to desert to the Soviets. Twenty years later the two surviving friends meet again. Jānis has stayed in Soviet Latvia and accepted the new order, while Ričards arrives from abroad, having become an agent to the Western powers hostile to the Soviet system.

While produced during the Soviet period and being full of Soviet propaganda clichés, the film rather objectively describes the events surrounding participation of Latvian Legion in battles against Soviets on the Leningrad Front during World War II.[1]


The film's cast included several notable Latvian actors: Eduards Pāvuls, Antra Liedskalniņa, Harijs Liepiņš, Pauls Butkēvičs, Uldis Pūcītis.


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