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Iain Murray
Iain Murray 2009-05-30.JPG
Murray at Draper's Valley Presbyterian Church, Virginia, in 2009
Born (1931-04-19) 19 April 1931 (age 87)
EducationUniversity of Durham
Known forAssisting Martyn Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel
Founding Banner of Truth Trust
TitleEditorial Director

Iain Hamish Murray (born 1931) is a British pastor and author. He was educated in the Isle of Man at King William's College. He held a commission in the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)[1] rifle regiment of the British Army, serving in Singapore and Malaya in the suppression of the communist insurgency known as the "Malayan Emergency".

After his military service, Murray studied Philosophy and History at the University of Durham. In 1955 he married Jean Ann Walters and became assistant minister at St. John's Free Church, Summertown, Oxford.[2][3]

He served as assistant to Martyn Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel[4] (1956–59) and subsequently at Grove Chapel, London (1961–69) and St. Giles Presbyterian Church, Sydney, Australia, (1981–84). In 1957 he and Jack Cullum founded the Reformed publishing house, the Banner of Truth Trust,[5] for which he remains a trustee.

Murray and his wife live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Theological positions[edit]

According to the Monergism.com website, Murray's theological positions are:[1]


Books by Iain Murray include:

  • Australian Christian Life from 1788 : an introduction and an anthology, (1988), ISBN 0-85151-524-X
  • D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones : The First Forty Years, (1982), ISBN 0-85151-353-0
  • D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones : The Fight of Faith, (1990), ISBN 0-85151-564-9
  • The Forgotten Spurgeon, (1966), ISBN 0-85151-156-2
  • Spurgeon and the Church of England, (1966) – a booklet
  • Jonathan Edwards : A New Biography, (1988), ISBN 0-85151-494-4
  • The Life of Arthur W. Pink, ISBN 0-85151-883-4
  • The Life of John Murray : Professor of Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1937-1966, (1984), ISBN 0-85151-422-7, ISBN 0-85151-426-X
  • The Puritan Hope : Revival and the Interpretation of Prophecy, (1971, London: Banner of Truth Trust), ISBN 0-85151-247-X (pbk)
  • Revival & Revivalism : The Making and Marring of American Evangelicalism 1750–1858, (1994), ISBN 0-85151-660-2
  • Spurgeon v. Hyper-Calvinism : The Battle for Gospel Preaching, (1995, London: Banner of Truth Trust), ISBN 0-85151-692-0 (pbk)
  • Pentecost today? : The Biblical Basis for Understanding Revival, (1998), ISBN 0-85151-752-8
  • Evangelicalism Divided : A Record of Crucial Change in the Years 1950 to 2000, (2000), ISBN 0-85151-783-8
  • Diary of Kenneth MacRae : a record of fifty years in the Christian ministry, (1980), ISBN 0-85151-297-6
  • The Invitation System, (1960), ISBN 0-85151-171-6
  • Letters of Charles Haddon Spurgeon , (1992), ISBN 0-85151-606-8
  • Should the Psalter be the only hymnal of the church?, (2001), ISBN 0-85151-809-5
  • The Reformation of the Church : a collection of Reformed and Puritan documents on Church issues, (1965), ISBN 0-85151-118-X (pbk)
  • The Unresolved Controversy : unity with non-Evangelicals, (2001), ISBN 0-85151-810-9 (pbk)
  • Wesley and Men Who Followed, ISBN 0-85151-835-4
  • Old Evangelicalism – Old Truths for a New Awakening, ISBN 0-85151-901-6
  • The happy man : the abiding witness of Lachlan Mackenzie, (1979), ISBN 0-85151-282-8
  • A Scottish Christian Heritage, (2006), ISBN 0-85151-930-X
  • Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace, (2008), ISBN 0-85151-975-X
  • Heroes, (2009), ISBN 978-1-84871-024-5
  • The Undercover Revolution: how fiction changed Britain, (2009), ISBN 978-1-84871-012-2
  • Rest in God: a calamity in contemporary Christianity, (2010), ISBN 978-1-84871-081-8 (booklet)
  • John MacArthur: Servant of the Word and Flock, (2011), ISBN 978-1-84871-112-9
  • Archibald G. Brown: Spurgeon's Successor, (2011), ISBN 978-1-84871-139-6
  • Evangelical Holiness and other addresses, (2013), ISBN 978-1-84871-319-2
  • Amy Carmichael: Beauty for Ashes, (2015), ISBN 978-1-84871-552-3
  • J. C. Ryle: Prepared to Stand Alone, (2016), ISBN 978-1-84871-679-7


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