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Iakovos Kampanellis
Iakovos Kampanellis.jpg
Born(1921-12-02)December 2, 1921
Naxos, Greece
DiedMarch 29, 2011(2011-03-29) (aged 89)
Athens, Greece
Known for"Mauthausen Trilogy"

Iakovos Kambanellis (Greek: Ιάκωβος Καμπανέλλης; December 2, 1921 – March 29, 2011) was a Greek poet, playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, and novelist.[1]


Born 2 December 1921 in Hora in the island of Naxos, Kambanellis appears as one of the most prominent Greek playwrites of the 20th century and he is consindered to be the father of modern greek theater. As a survivor of the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp, he wrote the lyrics of the "Mauthausen Trilogy" with music by Mikis Theodorakis. He has also written a memoir known as Mauthausen describing his experiences from the concentration camp. He wrote the script of at least 12 films and he directed three of them. In addition, he is well known as a lyricist, having written the lyrics in more than 100 songs. He was a member of the board of the Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece (MIET – Morfotiko Idryma Ethnikis Trapezis), along with some of the most prominent Greek artists. [1]. From 1981 to 1987 he was Director of the Radio section of the Greek National Broadcasting Company (E.R.T.) In 2000 he was elected member of the Academy of Athens. The same year he was awarded the medal of the Order of Phoenix by the President of the Greek Republic. Iakovos Kambanellis was rushed to hospital on February 4, 2011 due to complications of his long-term kidney failure.[2] He died on March 29, 2011, nine days after his wife's death, of kidney failure.[3]


Year Transliteration Title Performed at
1950 Choros pano sta stachya Χορός πάνω στα στάχυα
Dance upon the Cobs
Adamandios Lemos Company
1955–56 Evdomi mera tis dimourgias Έβδομη μέρα της δημιουργίας
Seventh Day of Creation
National Theatre, 2nd stage
1957 Aftos kai to panteloni tou Αυτός και το παντελόνι του
He and his pants
Vassilis Diamantopoulos
1957 I kryfi zoi tou Warren Mitty "Η κρυφή ζωή του Γουώρεν Μήττυ
The secret life of Warren Mitty
Vassilis Diamantopoulos
1957–58 I Avli ton Thavmaton Αυλή των Θαυμάτων
The Courtyard of Miracles
Art Theatre
1958–59 I ilikia tis nihtas Η ηλικία της νύχτας
The Age of Night
Art Theatre
1959 O Gorillas ke i Ortansia Ο Γορίλας και η Ορτανσία
The Gorilla and the Hydrangea
Elsa Verghi Theater Company
1959–60 Paramythi choris onoma Παραμύθι χωρίς Όνομα
Fairy tale without a Name
Vasslis Diamantopoulos New Theatre
1963–64 Geitonia ton angelon Γειτονιά των αγγέλων
Neighborhood of Angels
Karezis' Company
1966–67 Viva Aspasia Βίβα Ασπασία
" Long live Aspasia"
Karezis' Company
1966–67 Odyssea gyrise spiti Οδυσσέα γύρισε σπίτι
Ulysses, come home
Art Theatre
1970–71 Apikia ton timorimenon Αποικία των τιμωρημένων
Colony of the Punished
Marietta Rialdi Experimental Theatre
1971–72 Aspasia Ασπασία
Karezi-Kazakos Company
1972–73 To megalo mas tsirko Το μεγάλο μας τσίρκο
Our Great Circus
Karezi-Kazakos Company
1974 To kouki kai to revythi Το κουκί και το ρεβύθι
The Chickpea and the Broad Bean
Karezi-Kazakos Company
1975 O ehthros Laos Ο εχθρός λαός
The Rival People
Karezi-Kazakos Company
1976–77 Prossopa yia violi ke orhistra Πρόσωπα για βιολί και ορχήστρα
Characters For Violin And Orchestra
Art Theatre
1978–79 Ta tessera podia tou trapeziou Τα τέσσερα πόδια του τραπεζιού
The Four Legs of the Table
Art Theatre
1981 O babas o polemos Ο μπαμπάς ο πόλεμος
Daddy War
Art Theatre
1988 O aoratos Thiasos Ο αόρατος Θίασος
The Invisible Troupe
National Theatre


He wrote several scripts for films including:

Many of his plays are translated in several languages and produced in countries all over the world: in Austria, Bulgaria, England, Germany, Hungary, Romania, U.S.A, Russia, China, Norway and Sweden.

He worked as a journalist in newspapers Eleftheria (1963–65), Anendotos (1965–66) and Nea (1975-1980). He has been a member of the Greek Theatrical Writers' Company.


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