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Ialibu is located in Papua New Guinea
Location within Papua New Guinea
Coordinates: 6°28′S 143°38′E / 6.467°S 143.633°E / -6.467; 143.633
Country Papua New Guinea
Province Southern Highlands
District Ialibu-Pangia
Elevation 1,990 m (6,530 ft)
Population (2013)
 • Total 10,314
Time zone AEST (UTC+10)
Climate Cfb

Ialibu is a town in the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, serving as the headquarters for the Ialibu-Pangia District. The District Administrator for Ialibu is Mr. Ron Yamuna. He is one of the sons of Ialibu and is from Topopul village. The Ialibu Town Mayor is Mr. Jacob Iki. Mr. Iki hails from Topopul village as well.


Ialibuans are known for weaving and selling vegetable baskets. It is one of the many ways which many rural people earn a living.

The Ialibu Museum was established in the 1990s. Languages spoken in the district are Kewabi and Immbonggu.

Some of the respected and notable personalities who have shaped Ialibu are: Turi Wari, Undi Nandi, Roy Yaki, Ame Bote, Yer Kale, Patrick Rama, Aloysius Nale, Lepilepi Kawa, Raphael Noipo, Philip Ame, Mokonda Rema, Thomas Warua, Pawa Kombea, Roxon Undi, Bob Marley Nandi and Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O'Neill.

Ialibu has produced some high-profile leaders in the country. The current Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Mr Peter O'Neill is from the Ialibu Pangia Electorate. The late Amb. Peter Ipu Peipul and former PNG Oppositions Leader Mr. Roy Yaki are also from the area.

Ialibu has produced many academics who are actively contributing to the development of Papua New Guinea. Among them are: Dr Topul Rali, Dr James Yoko, Dr Sam Kari, Dr Apo Yarepea, Dr Philip Kereme, Dr Kelly Limbiye Kelegai, Dr. Paul Pumuye and many other young leaders both in the private and public sectors.

Communications and transportation[edit]

Ialibu is connected by roads to the rest of the world. Ialibu does have a certified airstrip which is yet to be operational. The nearest airports are Mendi and Mt Hagen, both about an hour from Ialibu Station. Radio stations are available and mobile phone and landline phones are provided by Telikom PNG and DIGICEL. The national television station, EM TV is broadcast throughout the Ialibu area.


Rivers in Ialibu are: Yali, Yolo, Yalo (Mapele), Linege, Andowe and Ilge.


Popular sports in Ialibu are: Rugby league, Basketball, Volleyball and Touch Rugby. Ialibu has produced many rugby league stars. The most notable ones are Raymond Karl, Nande Yer, Joe Rema, Francis Pegu, Mark Warua, Jessie Joe Parker, Dion Aiye and Philemon Kimisive. They have all represented the Papua New Guinea as Kumuls.

Soccer has lost popularity since the 1980s.

Landmarks and attractions[edit]

The most significant landmark feature is the Telikom PNG telecommunication tower. It is situated in the middle of the administration center. It is also home to Mount Ialibu and Mount Giluwe, which the second highest mountain in Papua New Guinea and a tourist attraction. So many other significant natural tourism attractions and natural flora and fauna within the vicinity of the central basin area maybe found in nearby geographical locations with close proximities.

Health and education[edit]

The Ialibu District Hospital offers services to the Ialibu, Pangia, Kagua and Erave people. There is only one general practitioner here despite the fact that there is position for two medical officers. There are several nursing staff at the hospital. the common illnesses seen at the hospital are medical conditions including pneumonia, tuberculosis, malaria, asthma, COAD,as well as other infective conditions. The hospital also provides paediatrics care and obstetrics care as well. Lifestyle diseases like essential hypertension and diabetes mellitus are a rising problem in this area. Major cases the GP cannot manage are referred by car to the Mt. Hagen General Hospital. The hospital is state run.

Schools in the district include, Ialibu Secondary School, St Clare Primary School, Kepi Technical Vocational Training Institute, Ialibu Admin Primary School and Ialibu Lutheran Community School.

Ialibu will be home to the newly proposed Western Pacific University. This is the initiative of the Prime Minister of PNG Honourable Peter O'Neil who is one of the favourite sons of Ialibu.

Surrounding villages[edit]

The villages nearby Ialibu are Yameyame (Yamex), Yamba, Mungure, Maroloma,Riwi& Aropa,Koromi, Lama, Pale, Yarena, Muli, Yate, Paipa, Ponowi, Yombi, Karanas, Isale, Remonda (settlement) Mungumapu, Mondada, Kendgal(Kendayamo),Yailte Palta, Polgopo, Konjo, Kuyopulu, Koraipe, Kengaro, Pilipili Island (PSP), Kokola, Pope, Kou, Maral, Kongibulg, Lipite, Pokorapulgu, Kirene, Kumbame, Pagipuru, Lepera, Walume, Tirigipena, Oilge, Popurol, Karape Kaloli, Kume, Orei Kaupena, and many more exciting places to visit.

The people from these places share two common local languages and they are; Imboungu and Kewabi. Imboungu is mainly spoken by central Ialibu and extends to Mt Hagen and Mendi whereas Kewabi is spoken by people living further east towards Kagua and Pangia Districts.