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Iamb is a band from the Central Coast of California. While it began as a solo recording project by frontman Ross Major, Iamb now performs with various members as a band. The music can be described as a combination of indie, post-rock, or folk music.

The music video for Iamb's first single, "I Don't Care What Happens," has been featured on MTV and MTVu.

Iamb has released a full-length album and a 7" record on independent label Real Love Records

Band members[edit]

  • Ross Major - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboard
  • George Major - Cello, Violin

Other contributors[edit]

  • Andy Pyle - Live Guitar, Keyboard, Banjo
  • Paul Frankel - Drums and Percussion
  • Kevin Coons - Guitar
  • Kelly Bold - Vocals


  • I'll Stay Waiting (2006)
  • "Pacific Nature Recording Presents... 1" (Split CD with Kingsauce and Flatsound) (2007)
  • Come Back Home (Split 7" with Candle) (2007)
  • "Farewell" (Re-released under his name, Ross Major, digitally) (2008)[1]


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