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Ian Angus (1926 – 30 October 2022) was a British librarian and a scholar on George Orwell.[1]


Once the Librarian at King's College London,[2] while Deputy Librarian at University College, London, in 1968 Angus edited, with Sonia Orwell, Orwell's Collected Journalism, Essays and Letters, published by Secker & Warburg.[3][4] While at University College, he helped set up the Orwell Archive.[5][6]

In 1976 he became the second husband of the ceramics artist Ann Stokes. Ann had a second studio in Italy where they spent time with Ian tending to their olive trees. The marriage was said to be happy.[7]

Angus later assisted Peter Davison and Sheila Davison in editing the 20-volume work, The Complete Works of George Orwell (Secker and Warburg).[8]

Angus died on 30 October 2022, at the age of 96.[9]


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