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Ian Coburn is a comedian and author of the book God is a Woman: Dating Disasters. Coburn claims to have been a big road comic in the nineties; he purports to hold the industry tour record of 106 consecutive weeks on the road.[1] Coburn is an expert for Lifetime TV on their web site Lifetime Love Panel.[2]


Coburn's first big break came at age nineteen, when Jimmy Pardo recommended him as an opening act for Drew Carey at a comedy club in a Chicago suburb.[3] He has worked across the U.S. and Canada and opened for celebrity acts like "Damon Wayans, and Cedric the Entertainer, before going on to headline himself."[4]

In 2000, Coburn, took the time off to take care of his father, who had a heart attack and diabetes.[5]

He has a script under development with Davis Entertainment (Predator, I, Robot).[6]

From July 23–25, 2007, his book ranked #1 in humor bestsellers on Amazon.ca.[7]


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