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Ian Duffell, is an English businessman with international experience in the Entertainment and Leisure Industries. Initially working in the UK as a Marketing Executive for Sony Corporation with responsibility for launching products such as the Walkman and Compact Disc. Moving into the music industry Ian was appointed as Managing Director of HMV, opening the world's largest music store in 1987[citation needed]. His International career began in 1987 as CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group heading up the company's expansion into the Asia-Pacific region. In 1992 he relocated to the United States of America opening more than 20 Virgin Megastores in a six-year period, including the landmark Times Square, New York store.

In 2001 he moved to Australia to become the CEO of Brazin, a music and fashion retailer.[1] He is currently a Board Director of The IoT Group, which is an innovative consumer technology Company, focussed on the Internet of Things sector, producing and marketing affordable smart wearable devices.