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Ian Hawkins (born, 7 July 1939), is a British war historian, and author and editor of factual books about World War II. He has written five books.

Early years[edit]

Ian Hawkins became interested in the history of the Second World War as a boy growing up in East Anglia; his father, a Royal Navy destroyer commander, and an uncle, a Royal Air Force squadron leader, were both killed in action. A former civil engineer, he sustained very severe head injuries in an attack in Saudi Arabia in 1976 and was left paralysed down one side of his body. He now uses a wheelchair as a result of his paralysis.

Style of Writing[edit]

Ian's books follow an unusual style in that they are made up in part of quotes from people who actually took part in the action. Obviously this is a very time consuming way of writing a book and "The Munster Raid" took over thirty years to compile.

A fan of Ian's books is Len Deighton who has written the foreword to several of them.

Selected bibliography[edit]

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