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Ian McGlynn
Origin Born Morristown, NJ, U.S.
Genres Alternative
Indie Pop
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, Composer. Producer
Years active 1998–present
Associated acts Shane Tutmarc, Dolour
Website ianmcglynn.com

Ian McGlynn is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer.

Early life and career[edit]

Ian’s career began as a child model and actor. Featured in commercials and print ads for most of his childhood, he was mainly recognized as the face on the Congespirin Aspirin box for almost a decade.

Leaving acting and modeling to further his studies in music, he began to learn the violin, piano and drums all at the age of 5. Ian also studied under voice coach Al Greiner, famous for his work with Connie Francis and Irene Cara.

At the age of 12 he began composing his own music. He recorded his first demo tape, using a dual cassette deck, recording and then looping each part live from one cassette to the other. The result being 7 original pop songs. These recordings have never been released to the public.

Ian attended Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, NJ where he studied voice under voice coach Barbara Retzko.

Ian graduated cum laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1995 with a Bachelor of Music degree in Professional Music as a Singer/Songwriter.

In 1998, Ian produced, recorded and released his self-titled debut 6-song EP. It was released independent of any record labels and only 1000 copies were printed. It is now out of print.

In 1999 Ian performed “Surrender” from his debut EP on the PAX show “Destination Stardom.[1]” In the same year he returned to acting for a brief moment playing the part of Lewis Walton, the love interest of Gertrude Tredwell, in the History Channel show “Haunted History: New York - Episode: “Merchant’s House Museum - Manhattan, NYC.”

In 2001 Ian recorded a live album with his father Ed McGlynn on drums and multi-instrumentalist Bill Knudson on bass. They recorded all 15 songs in a coffee shop to a small audience in the town where Ian grew up. The Lemon Lounge in Basking Ridge, NJ. The live album “Lemon” was released in December 2002 independent of any record labels. Like his debut EP, there were only 1000 copies printed. It was released in a limited edition silver tin with two lemon scented scratch ‘n sniff stickers on each side.

Bailey Park Records to Present...[edit]

In 2002, while moonlighting in piano bars, Ian met Chris Newkirk, lead singer and songwriter of the indie rock band, The Julies. Chris signed Ian to his newly formed label Bailey Park Records and hired Shane Tutmarc of Dolour, from Seattle, to produce Ian's debut studio album, "Tomorrow's Taken," which was released in October 2004.

The album was recorded within a 2 week period in Ian's apt., with Shane and Ian playing all the instruments. Jason Holstrom (Wonderful, United State of Electronica) mixed and mastered the album. The album cover features a photo of a dilapidated piano that had been left outside near where the album was recorded. Ian notes that it was the perfect image to reflect the departure he had made from his previous recordings. With the exception of an acoustic piano featured on the song “Southard Park," the rest of the album prominently works around the use of synthesizers and drum loops/programming. Tomorrow's Taken quickly became a favorite on The Morning Show on KEXP, in Seattle, hosted by John Richards. Sam Billen of the band The Billions asked Ian to open for him in support of his first solo album, "Miracles." They toured in the summer and fall of 2004, playing venues, colleges, and living rooms.



  • Tomorrow’s Taken (2004) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • This Is the Sound (2008) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • Now We're Golden (2012) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • Now We're Golden - Piano Lullabies (2016) Bailey Park Records, LLC


  • Diamonds EP (2007) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • Memorial Day Parade EP (2008) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • North Pole Vault EP (2013) Bailey Park Records, LLC


  • Nowhere (2009) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • I Took an Oath (2009) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • Listening In (from My Mom’s New Boyfriend) (2009) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • We Should Hang in the Museum (2009) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • Listen to the Choir Sing (2009) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • Monsters Cry Too b/w Witch Hunt (2010) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • The Snow Angel and the Icicle Sword (2010) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • Digital Killed the Record Store (2011) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • In A Car With You (2011) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • Change The Weather (2011) Bailey Park Records, LLC
  • Flag Day (2016) Bailey Park Records, LLC

Live & Remix[edit]

  • Lemon (2002) Self-Released
  • Tomorrow’s Re-taken (2007) Bailey Park Records, LLC


  • Other Songs and Dances Vol. 1 (2006) Backlight Records
    Includes McGlynn's song "Catharsis"
  • Beautiful Escape: The Songs of The Posies Revisited - The Green Album (2008) Burning Sky Records
    McGlynn covers "When Mute Tongues Can Speak"

TV and film[edit]

  • "Nowhere" (film version)[2] (co-written with Chris Newkirk) is featured in the end credits of Off the Black, starring Nick Nolte and Timothy Hutton.
  • "How Did I Get Here?" (DM Remix) and "No Time" (CoCo Remix) are featured in the documentary One – A Lucid Experience.
  • "Listening In" (co-written with Chris Newkirk and John Bonaventura) was written for and featured in My Mom's New Boyfriend, starring Meg Ryan and Antonio Banderas.
  • An untitled instrumental piano piece is featured in the Dwell.com short featuring designer-architect Jeffrey Beers. The short is "The Intelligent Kitchen" by Gary Nadeau.
  • "Bampa" (co-written with Dave Macarone of Shy Talkers) is featured in the Green Domain 30 second commercial spot. McGlynn also acts in it.
  • An untitled instrumental piano piece is featured in the Dwell.com short featuring husband-and-wife architecture team Yoshiko Sato and Michael Morris. The short is "The Bathroom Reinvented" by Gary Nadeau.
  • "No Squares" (co-written with Chris Newkirk and Dave Macarone of Shy Talkers) is featured in the 2010 Heineken Light "Heineken Light Trailer" movie theater commercial.
  • "Banana Boat" (co-written with Dave Macarone of Shy Talkers) is featured in the 30-second T-Mobile commercial "School Bus".
  • Thirteen short scores composed and performed with Dave Macarone (of Shy Talkers) for thirteen short commercials for "Downtown Dubai - The Centre of Now".
  • "Snack Pack" (co-written with Dave Macarone of Shy Talkers) is featured in the 30-second T-Mobile commercial "Musical Chairs".
  • “Twix Bites - Walkman,” McGlynn was hired to sing "Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car" by Billy Ocean.


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