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Ian Parkin (1950 – 1 July 1995[1]) was a musician who played rhythm guitar with the first incarnation of Bill Nelson's Be-Bop Deluxe.

Parkin was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, where he befriended Nelson when both were attending Ings Road secondary Modern School. They made their musical live debut at a school Christmas concert, as a guitar duo. Later, they formed The Cosmonauts, which later became The Strangers.[2]

Later, he and Nelson founded Flagship, later to become Be Bop Deluxe.[3] However, Parkin played only on the first album of the band, Axe Victim, released in 1974, quitting shortly afterwards.[4] He continued with the music business, married and had three children.

He died on 1 July 1995, aged 45.


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