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Ian Pattison
Occupation Writer
Notable work Rab C Nesbitt

Ian Pattison is a Scottish writer who lives in Glasgow, best known for writing the 10 series of the sitcom Rab C Nesbitt.[1][2][3] He also wrote the 1995 to 1996 sitcom Atletico Partick; the six-episode series Breeze Block[4] starring Tim Healy which aired on BBC Choice in 2002, and he created and co-wrote the sitcom The Crouches, which aired on BBC One from 2003 to 2005. He has written three novels Sweet and Tender Hooligan, Looking at the Stars and A Stranger Here Myself, the latter being Rab C Nesbitt's 'autobiography.'

He should not be confused with Iain Pattinson, scriptwriter for I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue and many similar programmes.


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