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The Spire of Dublin
Wood Lane Station
EDF V.H.V.Pylons
Leipzig Trade Fair Glass Hall
Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Art - glass access towers

Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd is a leading British architectural practice, founded in London in 1981 by Ian Ritchie.[1] The practice has received global recognition for their work, such as their RIBA Award-winning Terrasson Greenhouse[2] and London Regatta Centre,[3] and American Institute of Architects Award-winning Royal Shakespeare Company Courtyard Theatre.[4] The Leipzig Trade Fair Messe Glass Hall was awarded German Building of the Year,[5] whilst The Spire of Dublin was shortlisted for both the RIBA Stirling Prize and Mies van der Rohe Prize.[6]


Ian Ritchie Architects was established in 1981 by architect Ian Ritchie CBE RA.[1] His practice has a reputation for delivering designs that are consistently cutting-edge in terms of techniques and materials, inventiveness, imaginatively conceived details, and an integration of architecture, engineering, and fabrication.[7]

The practice has received much national and international recognition, having been nominated for over 60 national and international awards and shortlisted four times for the RIBA Stirling Prize and European Mies Van der Rohe Prize.[1] Other awards include the Iritecna Prize for Europe;[1] Eric Lyons Memorial Award for European Housing;[8] Commonwealth Association of Architects Award for Innovation and the Advancement of Architecture;[8] IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering) Millennium;[5] and UK Millennium Product Awards.[8]

The practice has also been short-listed on four occasions for the RIBA Stirling Prize[1] for the Crystal Palace Park Concert Platform (1998),[9] the TR2 Production Centre at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth (2003),[10] the Spire of Dublin (2004)[6] and the RSC Courtyard Theatre (2007).[8]

The practice's work has been extensively exhibited. In the UK their work has been exhibited by the ICA, Tate Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, and the RIBA.[1] Internationally it has been exhibited in Tokyo, New York, São Paulo, Moscow, Vienna, Frankfurt, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Paris and Venice Biennales.[1]

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