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Dr. Ian Shaw (born 1961) is an Egyptologist and Reader in Egyptian archaeology at the University of Liverpool.


His field work was largely focused in el-Amarna, but in recent times, he has done extensive excavations of mining and quarrying sites from many different Ancient Egyptian periods. He primarily focuses his recent work on methods and mechanics of Egyptian craftsmen and laborers. However, he has produced several works regarding ancient Egyptian warfare; a topic that had long been ignored or only briefly commented on by other researchers.

Besides writing original books, he also has edited several "dictionaries" of Ancient Egypt (which might more correctly be labeled "encyclopedias"; they are in no way lexicons).


  • Egyptian Warfare and Weapons, 1991
  • A History of Ancient Egypt, 1992 (Translated from French work by Nicholas Grimal)
  • The British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt, 1995 (With P. Nicholson)
  • The Blackwell Dictionary of Archaeology (co-Editor, with R. Jameson), 1999
  • The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, 2000 (Editor)
  • Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology, 2000 (Editor)
  • Ancient Egypt: A Very Short Introduction, 2004
  • Hatnub: Quarrying Travertine in Ancient Egypt (2010)
  • Ancient Egyptian Technology and Innovation (2012)

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