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Ian Stephens (died March 22, 1996) was a Canadian poet, journalist and musician from Montreal, best known as one of the major Canadian voices in the spoken word movement of the 1990s.[1] Most of his work focused on his experiences living with AIDS.[1]

In 1986, Stephens released an album with the short-lived band Disappointed a Few People, titled Dead in Love, on Psyche Industry Records.[1]

In 1992, Stephens released a spoken word CD, Wining Dining and Drilling, which featured his poetry with a punk rock-influenced musical backing.[1] The album included tracks such as "Coroner Wants a Kiss," "Loser w/ a Hard-On," "Sex is Dog," "Queer in Amerika", "I Started to Get Sick in New York" and "The AIDS Guy". He published a book of poetry, Diary of a Trademark, in 1994;[1] the following year, he released an album of the same title, featuring his recitations of many of the pieces in the book.[1] The title track was later included on Word Up, a compilation of spoken word poetry.[1]

Stephens was also a regular writer for the Montreal Mirror, contributing book reviews and a 1994 cover story, "A Weary State of Grace", on living with AIDS.[1]

He died in 1996 of AIDS-related lymphoma.[1]


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