Iancu Flondor

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Iancu Ritter von Flondor at 1900

Iancu Flondor (August 3, 1865, Storozhynets – October 19, 1924) was an Austro-Hungarian-born ethnic Romanian activist who advocated Bukovina's unifion with the Kingdom of Romania.

He was born in the town of Storozhynets (Romanian: Storojineṭ) in Northern Bukovina (now in Ukraine). His parents were Gheorghe Flondor (1828–1892) and Isabella von Dobrowolski-Buchental (1835-1890).[1] Married to Elena de Zotta, he fathered three sons: Şerban (b. 1900), Neagoe (b. 1901), and Mircea (b. 1903).[2]

During the winter of 1918, Flondor clashed with his rival Aurel Onciul over the political future of Bukovina, a dispute which culminated in the November request by Flondor for an intervention by the Romanian Army into what had become a chaotic Bukovina.

He died in Cernăuṭi (now Chernivtsi), and was buried in Storojineṭ.


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