Iazu (crater)

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Color-coded for minerals and annotated, Iazu crater is south of Endeavour crater
Planet Mars
Region Meridiani Planum
Coordinates 2°42′S 5°12′W / 2.7°S 5.2°W / -2.7; -5.2Coordinates: 2°42′S 5°12′W / 2.7°S 5.2°W / -2.7; -5.2
Diameter 6.8 kilometers [1]
Eponym Iazu, Romania[1]

Iazu is an impact crater located within the Meridiani Planum extraterrestrial plain, situated within the Margaritifer Sinus quadrangle (MC-19) region of the planet Mars. This geological feature is about 7 km in diameter. It is close to the landing site of the Mars Exploration Rover-B Opportunity, and its walls have been photographed by the spacecraft during its traverse to Endeavour crater. At the time, the crater was about 38 kilometers (24 mi) away.[2] It was named in 2006 for Iazu, a commune in Dâmboviţa County, southern Romania.[3]

Annotated image showing the position of Opportunity and names for the craters Iazu, Endeavour, and Victoria

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