Ibad Huseynov

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Ibad Movsum oglu Huseynov
BornOctober 18, 1970
Khojavend, Azerbaijan SSR, USSR
Allegiance Soviet Union
Service/branchAzerbaijani Army
Years of service1988–1997
UnitAzerbaijani Armed Forces
Commands heldReconnaissance and sabotage group
Battles/warsFirst Nagorno-Karabakh War
AwardsAzerbaijani Flag Order

Ibad Huseynov (Azerbaijani: İbad Hüseynov) is an Azerbaijani military man, scout, National Hero of Azerbaijan, and commander of the reconnaissance-sabotage group. In 1990–1994 he took part in the first Karabakh War.


Early years and military service[edit]

Ibad Huseynov was born in 1970 in Khojavend, Azerbaijan.

In 1988–1990 years served in the Soviet Army. While in the army he organized the uprising against the soviet leadership after Soviet aggression to Baku. Demanded to withdraw Russian troops from Baku and rejected to obey the soviet chain of command.

First Karabakh War[edit]

During the first Karabakh War Ibad Huseynov killed an Armenian soldier, who he claimed was the Armenian national hero Monte Melkonian.[1][dead link]

On October 22, 2012 General Talib Mammadov stated:[2][dead link]

"A man named Ibad Huseynov is trying to convince everyone that the man he killed in the action in the Muganli village was Monte Melkonian, but it is absolutely not the case. At the time, the intelligence collected and classified information and other material, confirming unequivocally the destruction of Melkonian on June 12, 1993 by soldiers of the Second Battalion, 708th infantry brigade during hard fighting for the village in the province. I do not doubt that Ibad Huseynov fought and killed the enemy, but it bears no relation to the destruction of Melkonian. At the same time, the arguments and "proofs" by Ibad Huseynov do not hold water and that fraud must be stopped. Actual participants in those events are alive and I am firmly convinced that they will have their say, and the fake will be exposed."


In 1994 he was awarded “Azerbaijani Flag” order.[3][4] On 9 December 2020, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev awarded Huseynov with the title of National Hero of Azerbaijan.[5]


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