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The Arabic word ibādah (عبادة) or ibada (usually translated "worship") means service or servitude.[1] It is connected with related words such as "Ubudiyyah" ("slavery"), and has connotations of obedience, submission, and humility. The word linguistically means "obedience with submission".[2]

In terms of Islam, ibadah is the obedience, submission, and devotion to Allah along with the ultimate love for Allah. Muslims believe that ibadah is the reason for the existence of all humanity.[3] That is, Muslims believe that all people exist only to submit to Allah.

Ibadah consequently means following Islamic beliefs and practices – its commands, prohibitions, the halal, and the haram. For Muslims, ibadah is also something that comes from the heart, or sincerity, as a result of belief in Islam. Therefore, ibadah is something that cannot be forced upon another person.


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