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Ibambi is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coordinates: 2°21′28″N 27°37′36″E / 2.3578°N 27.6267°E / 2.3578; 27.6267Coordinates: 2°21′28″N 27°37′36″E / 2.3578°N 27.6267°E / 2.3578; 27.6267
Country Democratic Republic of Congo
Province Haut-Uele
Territory Wamba

Ibambi is a community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Missionary activity[edit]

The missionary Charles Studd built up an extensive missionary outreach based on his centre at Ibambi in Budu territory. He was buried there after his death in July 1931.[1] The missionary doctor Helen Roseveare built a combination hospital/ training center in Ibambi in the early 1950s.[2] The CECCA, the local branch of WEC International, operates a secondary school at Ibambi which serves as a college for primary school teachers.[3]


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