Ibanez E-Gen

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Ibanez E-Gen
Nova2013 DragonForce Herman Li 0001-crop.jpg
Herman Li playing his E-Gen18 guitar in 2013
Body typeSolid
Neck jointBolt on
BodyMahogany, flamed maple top
NeckMaple, Walnut
BridgeEdge Zero
Pickup(s)H-S-H DiMarzio HLM
Colors available
Transparent violet flat, Transparent Blonde Flat

The Ibanez E-Gen was introduced by Ibanez in 2008 as Herman Li’s signature model. It is derived from the Ibanez S prestige models.[1]


The E-Gen is a solid body electric guitar made of mahogany with a flame maple top. The neck is a five piece maple/walnut configuration. It features jumbo frets, a rosewood fingerboard and an abalone oval inlay. It features the Edge Zero bridge as well. The pickups are custom designed by DiMarzio. It features a bolt on wizard one neck, and is an arch top guitar. The hardware has a gold finish and the body has a transparent violet flat finish. In addition, frets 21-24 are scalloped and the routings on the upper horn of the guitar form a grip handle, alluding to the "monkey"-shaped grip handle of the Ibanez Jem series.[2] On May 9[clarification needed], Li announced on his Facebook page that he received an Ibanez E-Gen 7 String. The details of the guitar are unknown except that it is a seven string and that whether or not it will be a mass or limited production guitar for his signature guitar series. In January 2011, Li announced the E-Gen 7 string guitar would be in Blue/White or Red/Orange. In April 2011, Li posted a picture of an Ibanez E-Gen 7 String in Chameleon Violet on his Facebook page.