Ibanez EDR/EXR

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The Ibanez EDR/EXR or Ergodyne series is a line of discontinued solid body electric guitar models manufactured by the Japanese guitar manufacturer Ibanez. Introduced in 1997 the line was notable for the unconventional Luthite bodies used rather than the usual wooden bodies. The Ergodyne series was ultimately discontinued in 2006.

Discontinued Models[edit]



This model had a Wizard II maple neck with medium-size frets, a rosewood fretboard and an Ergodyne headstock; a superstrat-type body made of Luthite; plastic strap buttons; two Powersound humbuckers and a Powersound single-coil pickup in humbucker-single-humbucker configuration; a volume knob and a tone knob; five-way pickup selector blade switch; and an Ibanez synchronised tremolo bridge. (The synchronised bridge is free-floating, meaning that a locking nut is unnecessary.) This was the simplest model available in the Ergodyne series and came in two colours: Iron Pewter and Moonshadow.