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Ibanez JS Series
Ibanez JS10th Chrome Boy #416
Period1988 to present
Body typesolid
Neck jointbolt-on
BridgeJS100:Edge III

JS1000 and JS1200:Edge Pro

JS1600: Fixed
Pickup(s)JS100: Ibanez axis

JS1000 and JS1600: DiMarzio PAF Pro(Neck) and FRED(Bridge)

JS1200: Dimarzio PAF Joe(Neck) and Fred (Bridge)
Colors available
JS100: Black, White, Transparent Red

JS1000: Black Pearl, Burnt Transparent Blue JS1200: Candy Apple Red

JS1600: Silver

The Ibanez JS Series is a signature series of guitars endorsed by Joe Satriani and manufactured by Ibanez guitars. It is essentially the discontinued Radius Ibanez series,[citation needed] with Satriani's select pickups installed. The JS100 is a lower end model in comparison to the JS1000 and the JS1200. The JS1000 and JS1200 feature necks that are digitally reproduced from one of Joe Satriani's guitars. The JS1600 was introduced at NAMM 2008.

Chrome Boy[edit]

Timeline Dealing with various "Chrome Boys"[edit]

  • 1988 Joe Satriani starts endorsing Ibanez guitars
  • 1990 The innovative JS2CH "Chrome Boy" is produced
  • 1998 Ibanez releases the JS10th to celebrate their decade long partnership with Joe
  • 2005 JS2PRM is revealed at NAMM, just 60 were released

Chrome Guitars[edit]


The original Chrome Boy. The JS2CH has a basswood body. There were very few produced as finishing problems occurred with cracking. "Pearly", Joe's prized prototype JS2CH Chrome Boy, was stolen in August 2002 and has never been recovered.[1] (Joe Satriani's JS2CH was fitted with a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickup, thus calling the guitar pearly.)


The JS10th was Ibanez´ second attempt at producing a chromed JS. The JS10th is a unique Ibanez with a luthite (plastic) body encased in chrome. Chrome plating such a curvy instrument is clearly a very complex and difficult process resulting in many small (and some not so small) imperfections. Ibanez produced 506 of the JS10th model. Joe himself has stated that he does not use the JS10th, as he prefers the Japanese basswood models (the JS2CH and its prototypes)[2].


Ibanez JS series guitars used by Satriani on his 2013 Unstoppable Momentum tour.

The PRM "Premium Rock Mirror" was revealed at NAMM 2005 and although it belongs to the Chrome Boy family, it is actually basswood plated with aluminum. The first run of 20 had finish issues and the remaining guitars were produced in 2006.


At NAMM 2008 Ibanez unveiled the JS20th and the JS1600. The JS20th features artwork from Joe Satriani's Surfing With The Alien with a chromed relief of the Silver Surfer.

Production Line Guitars[edit]

Other guitars in production range from the "JS100" to the "JS Black Dog" that can be found on the Ibanez web site or other distributor sites, as well as the *newest "JS2410".

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