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Ibanez PGM
Ibanez PGM Paul Gilbert Model, Expomusic 2010.jpg
PGM models at 2010 Expomusic
Manufacturer Ibanez
Period 1990 -
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on
Body Basswood (varies with sub-model)
Neck Maple
Fretboard Rosewood, Ebony, Maple (varies with sub-model)
Bridge Gotoh GTC101 (varies with sub-model)
Pickup(s) H-S-H DiMarzio PAF Pro / FS-1 / PAF Pro, Five way switching
Colors available
Varies with sub-model

Ibanez PGM (Paul Gilbert Model) is an electric guitar from Ibanez Instruments, which was first produced in 1990. The guitar is Racer X and Mr. Big guitarist Paul Gilbert's signature guitar model.


As of 2007 Ibanez has publicly released 15 PGM guitars including two anniversary models and the acoustic PGA1000.

Most PGM model guitars have the same body shape as the Ibanez RG guitar models with removed tone knob and volume knob placed to Paul Gilbert's personal preference. Some are usually available with a fixed bridge, others such as the PGM30 of 1995 feature a Lo-TRS double-locking tremolo system and a 24-fret maple neck with rosewood, ebony or maple fingerboard. Although PGM guitars come in various colors they all have two painted F-holes which gives the illusion that it is a semi-hollow bodied guitar, and many have a reversed headstock that changes the typical string length and make them easily distinguishable from an Ibanez RG. The short-lived PGM900TC of 1998 was a Talman finished in Transparent Crimson and fitted with dual humbuckers and a stoptail bridge.

When it comes down to playing a straight, no-nonsense, face-melting shred guitar solo, I go straight to my PGM301. It is the easiest guitar to play in my whole collection, and still has the best balance of picking clarity and percussive thickness.

— Paul Gilbert

Models and variations[edit]

  • PGM3
  • PGM30
  • PGM100
  • PGM100RE
  • PGM200
  • PGM300
  • PGM301
  • PGM400
  • PGM401
  • PGM500
  • PGM600
  • PGM700
  • PGM800
  • PGM900
  • PGM10th
  • PGM20th
  • PGM90th

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