Ibanez RG7 CST

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Ibanez RG7 CST
Manufacturer Ibanez
Period 1999
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on
Body Mahogany
Neck 3pc Wizard7 Maple
Fretboard Ebony
Bridge Edge LoPro Double Edge w/ Piezo
Pickup(s) H-H DiMarzio & L.R Baggs Piezo
Colors available
Vintage Violin (Amber top)

The Ibanez RG7 CST was a very limited run of top quality 7-string guitars. There were only 18 of these made in 1999. Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit played one.

7CST was produced in 2 series under names RG7-PB1VV and RG7-PB2VV. RG7-PB1VV was a pilot proto run and RG7-PB2VV was made in May 1999. The only difference is the fretwire used in these guitars. The fretwires on PB1 were SBB216-195 and PB2 had SBB215-175.

The name RG7 CST derives from the US market, where there were only 2 sold. In Japan, the guitar is known as RG7-PB1VV or RG7-PB2VV. Guitar collectors and players usually know this model by the name RG7 CST.


The RG7 CST features include:

  • Mahogany Body
  • Flame Maple top
  • 25.5" 3pc Maple neck with Ebony fretboard
  • No Inlays
  • Wizard 7 profile
  • DiMarzio Custom7 pickups (h-h setup)
  • L.R. Baggs Piezo pickups with a preamp
  • Two output jacks. One for magnetic and one for piezo pickups
  • Ibanez UV1000C Case

The guitar had a retail price of $2999.99[1] and there were only 2 sold in USA. The rest of the guitars were only sold in Japan.


As only 18 were made, this model is very rare. Every now and then one may appear on Ebay, with prices sometimes over $3,000 for an instrument in even just medium condition.

This model will not be continued by Ibanez.


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