Iberg Castle, Aargau

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Iberg Castle
Burgruine Iberg
Iberg, Riniken
Riniken Iberg Burgmauer 8028.jpg
Iberg Castle is located in Canton of Aargau
Iberg Castle
Iberg Castle
Iberg Castle is located in Switzerland
Iberg Castle
Iberg Castle
Coordinates 47°30′20.01″N 8°11′12.64″E / 47.5055583°N 8.1868444°E / 47.5055583; 8.1868444Coordinates: 47°30′20.01″N 8°11′12.64″E / 47.5055583°N 8.1868444°E / 47.5055583; 8.1868444
Type hill castle
Code CH-AG
Site information
Condition ruins
Site history
Built 11th century

Iberg Castle (German: Ruine Iberg) is a ruined castle located on Iberg mountain in the municipality of Riniken in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland. Only a few remnants of the ruins are visible.

Castle History[edit]

Plan of Iberg Castle
Ruined main tower of the castle

The castle was built in the 11th Century on the northeastern edge of Iberg Mountain. This site consisted of a main building, a gatehouse and two outbuildings. Surrounding the site was the castle moat, which should protect against attacks from the south. As there are no written records of the castle nor the inhabitants, the only information about the castle comes from archaeological investigations. The castle was abandoned around 1200[1] or possibly later, at the end of the 12th or at the beginning of the 13th Century when a fire destroyed the castle.[2] During reconstruction, the moat was expanded and additional towers were added. However, the castle was abandoned before completion of work, possibly due to resistance from Murbach Abbey.

Since the area around the castle was held by the House of Habsburg and Murbach Abbey, it is likely that the castle was founded by the Habsburgs or by a Habsburg vassal.[3]

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