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Iberian Cup
Founded 1935
Abolished 2005
Region Spain Spain and
Portugal Portugal
Number of teams 2
Last champions Vitória de Setúbal

The Iberian Cup, also called Iberian Supercup, was a football international competition between clubs from Portugal and Spain, disputed by two teams (one Portuguese and one Spanish) that were champions in a major competition, very much alike a Supercup, to find out which was the best team from Iberian Peninsula. So far, the Iberian Cup was only played in 5 occasions.


The first Iberian Cup was played on 7 July 1935. Porto and Real Betis were both league champions, and played a single match which Porto won. The first edition of the Cup was not officially recognized by both federations.

The second Iberian Cup happened forty eight years after the first edition, and was played throughout two matches. This time it was also between the Portuguese and Spanish league champions Benfica and Athletic Bilbao. It was the first edition that was officially recognized by both federations, and the FPF even provided the trophy for the competition.

In 1991, it was disputed between the Portuguese champions Benfica and the Copa del Rey winner Atlético de Madrid, and eventually won by the Spanish side.

In 2000, European champions Real Madrid faced Portuguese league champions Sporting CP, and the competition also returned to the single match format. Sporting defeated Real Madrid.

Finally in 2005, the champions from both national cups faced each other, Vitória de Setúbal and Real Betis. This time the teams asked both national football federations to approve another edition of the Iberian Cup, which gave the competition one more time an official character.


Edition year Champion Competition * Result Runner-up Competition *
Iberian Cup I 1935 Portugal Porto Primeira Liga 4–2 Spain Real Betis La Liga
Iberian Cup II 1983 Portugal Benfica Primeira Liga 1–2 / 3–1 Spain Athletic Bilbao La Liga
Iberian Cup III 1991 Spain Atlético de Madrid Copa del Rey 1–1 / 3–2 Portugal Benfica Primeira Liga
Peninsular Cup 2000 Portugal Sporting CP Primeira Liga 2–1 Spain Real Madrid Champions League
Iberian Supercup 2005 Portugal Vitória de Setúbal Taça de Portugal 2–1 Spain Real Betis Copa del Rey
  • * The competitions from which they were champions at the time.

Finalists table[edit]

Club Winner Runner-up
Portugal Benfica 1 (1983) 1 (1991)
Portugal Porto 1 (1935)
Spain Atlético de Madrid 1 (1991)
Portugal Sporting CP 1 (2000)
Portugal Vitória de Setúbal 1 (2005)
Spain Real Betis 2 (1935, 2005)
Spain Athletic Bilbao 1 (1983)
Spain Real Madrid 1 (2000)

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