Iberian Liberation Movement

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Iberian Liberation Movement

Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación-Grupos Autónomos de Combate
Founded1971 (1971)
Dissolved1973 (1974)
IdeologyCouncil communism

The Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación (MIL, sometimes known as 1000) was a Catalan ultra-left terrorist group[1][2][3] between 1971 and 1973, based mainly in Barcelona, Spain, and in Toulouse, France. It became famous after its dissolving because of the execution by the Francoist State of one of its members, Salvador Puig Antich, in March 1974, and of the shooting of Oriol Solé Sugranyes during his escape in 1976. One of its French members, Jean-Marc Rouillan, later became a member of the GARI and then of the terrorist group Action Directe.

The MIL advocated violent direct action against Francoist Spain and capitalism, carrying out bank robberies ("expropriations"), allegedly to support the working class' struggle. It was formed by members from various origins, Marxists, anarchists, etc., and supported council communism, situationism and other ultra-leftist theories which were opposed by other left-wing organized parties. The MIL published various books and leaflets prohibited in Spain, such as texts by Camillo Berneri, Antonie Pannekoek and the Situationist International.

They decided to dissolve themselves in August 1973. A month later, most of its members were imprisoned in Barcelona, while others managed to escape to Toulouse where they formed the Groupes d'action révolutionnaire internationalistes (GARI). The GARI launched a campaign in favour of their imprisoned militants and continued violent resistance against Francoist Spain.


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