Ibiza Bar

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"Ibiza Bar"
Single by Pink Floyd
from the album Soundtrack from the Film More
A-side"The Nile Song"
Songwriter(s)David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Rick Wright, Nick Mason
Producer(s)Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd singles chronology
"Point Me at the Sky"
"Ibiza Bar"
"One of These Days"
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"Ibiza Bar" is a song by English rock band Pink Floyd, featured on their third album, Soundtrack from the Film More.[1][2]


The song opens with a rhythm guitar riff notably similar to that of "The Nile Song". However, unlike that track, "Ibiza Bar" does not change keys, staying with a verse of E and D major chords, and a chorus resolving to A major. The chorus could be said to modulate, via a series of chords based on accidentals, all major: A to C, G to B-flat, and F back to A. David Gilmour's lead guitar parts use a good deal of echo. This and "The Nile Song" are among the few flirtations the band made with a heavier sound, along with Part 2 of "The Narrow Way" from Ummagumma, "The Gold It's in the..." from Obscured by Clouds and "Young Lust" from The Wall.



The song was covered by psychedelic/grunge band Love Battery on their album Between the Eyes,[3] and Replicants on their eponymous debut album.[4]


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