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Ibn Mālik, Abū ʻAbd Allāh Djamāl Al-Dīn Muhammad (Arabic: ابن مالك، محمد بن عبد الله‎) (c. 600 AH – 672 AH / c. 1204 – 22 February 1274) was an Arab grammarian born in Jaén. After leaving al-Andalus for the Near East, he became a Shāfi‘ī, and taught Arabic language and literature in Aleppo and Hamāt, before eventually settled in Damascus, where he began the most productive period of his life. He was a senior master at the Adiliyya Madrasa. His reputation in Arabic literature was cemented by his al-Khulāsa al-alfiyya (known also as simply Alfiya), a versification of Arabic grammar, for which at least 43 commentaries have been written.


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