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Ibokun is a populated place in Osun State, Nigeria. It is located at an elevation of 416 meters above sea level. Ibokun is the headquarters of Obokun Local Government Area, Osun State. The postal code of the area is 233.

Its coordinates are 7°46'6" N and 4°43'0" E in DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) or 7.78333 and 4.71667 (in decimal degrees).


Ibokun previously known as Ilemure was named after the warrior that delivered the town from slavery of the neighborhood warriors such as Alare- the paramount ruler of the then Ilare town. It was believed that Obokun migrated from Ife as the youngest son of Oduduwa. He, alone of all Oduduwa sons, volunteered to go and fetch sea water to cure his father's blindness of old age which translated to Obokun in Yoruba language that is someone who fetches okun- sea water. On his return he was told his father was dead, and he asked for his "portion" of his inheritances. He was told that all inheritances including crowns were given to his elder brothers. Instead he was given a sword–Ida Ajase (sword of conquest) and told to seize his heritage from his elder brothers. On his conquest tours, he got to Ilemure now Ibokun where he met Ita on ground during one of the festive periods, Obokun was ceremoniously welcomed and he requested the host should extend the celebration with drums and dancing which was against the rules of the land- Ibokun by the neighbour "super master". The host danced to the tunes of Obokun's instruction which eventually led to several wars and Obokun conquered. The victory made him the ruler of the community as the host-Ita offered this kind gesture to him as the new master who can deliver the land from future wars.

Economy and occupation[edit]

The people of Ibokun were predominantly farmers who specialised in growing food crops such as Yam, Cassava, Maize, Rice and so on as well as Cash crops such as Cocoa, Kolanut and so on. However, the thrust of commerce is central to their activities and they participate in trading activities mostly across the Western and the Northern part of Nigeria.

Ibokun monarchs[edit]

Adeitan's family Oladele's family Fadayini's family Arowosola's family Sasunmi's family


Coordinates: 7°47′00″N 4°43′00″E / 7.7833°N 4.7167°E / 7.7833; 4.7167