Ibragimov (Martian crater)

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Ibragimov (THEMIS).png
Planet Mars
Coordinates 25°42′S 59°34′W / 25.7°S 59.57°W / -25.7; -59.57Coordinates: 25°42′S 59°34′W / 25.7°S 59.57°W / -25.7; -59.57
Diameter 87 km
Eponym Nadir Baba Ogly Ibragimov

Ibragimov is a crater on Mars. It is named after the Azerbaijani and Soviet astrophysicist Nadir Baba Ogly Ibragimov.[1]

Ibragimov crater is located in the eastern part of Thaumasia Planum. It's diameter is 87 km.[1]


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