Ibragimov (crater)

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Ibragimov (THEMIS).png
Planet Mars
Coordinates 25°42′S 59°34′W / 25.7°S 59.57°W / -25.7; -59.57Coordinates: 25°42′S 59°34′W / 25.7°S 59.57°W / -25.7; -59.57
Diameter 87 km
Eponym Nadir Baba Ogly Ibragimov

Ibragimov is a crater on Mars. It is named after the Azerbaijani and Soviet astrophysicist Nadir Baba Ogly Ibragimov.[1]

Ibragimov crater is located in the eastern part of Thaumasia Planum. Its diameter is 87 km.[1] East of the crater is Nectaris Fossae, south is the valley named Protva Valles.

Nearby named craters include Baucau nearly to the southeast, Mazamba almost further west and nearly to the north being Lassell.


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