Ibrahim Abdel Hady Pasha

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Ibrahim Abdel Hady Pasha

Ibrahim Abdel Hady Pasha (14 February 1896 – 18 February 1981) was an Egyptian politician who was the 28th Prime Minister from 28 December 1948 until 26 July 1949.[1] He was appointed to the post following the assassination of Prime Minister Mahmoud el Nokrashy Pasha, leader of the Saadist Institutional Party.[2] He was a member of the Saadist Institutional Party.[3] Hady Pasha also served as the Minister of Finance for a short time between 10 December 1946 and 18 February 1947 in the cabinet led by Mahmoud el Nokrashy Pasha.[4] Abdel Majid Badr Pasha succeeded Hady Pasha as finance minister.[4] Hady Pasha was arrested following the end of the King Farouk's rule in 1952 and was sentenced by the Revolutionary Tribunal to death by hanging on 3 October 1953.[5] The sentence was reduced to life imprisonment next day.[5] His personal wealth was also confisticated by the court.[5]


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