Ibrahim Adeer

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Ibrahim Adeer
ابراهيم أدير
1st Sultan of the Sultanate of the Geledi
Reign late 17th century–mid 18th century
Predecessor n/a
Successor Mahamud Ibrahim
Dynasty Gobroon dynasty
Religion Islam

Ibrahim Adeer (Somali: Ibraahin Adeer, Arabic: ابراهيم أدير‎‎) was a Somali ruler. He founded the Sultanate of the Geledi.


In the late 17th century, Adeer, who was a soldier at the time, successfully pushed back the imperial Ajuran army out of Afgooye. He subsequently established the Geledi sultanate's ruling house, the Gobroon dynasty, after having first defeated the Ajuran vassal state, the Silcis Kingdom.

Sultan Yusuf, who was the son of Adeer Gobroon, thus became the first sultan of the new dynasty. His son, Mahamud Ibrahim, would later succeed him atop the throne.

Preceded by
Geledi sultanate Succeeded by
Mahamud Ibrahim

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