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'Ibrahīm Bin ʿAbd-El-ʿAzīz 'Abu al-Majd (Arabic: إبراهيم بن عبد العزيز أبو المجد‎‎), better known as El-Desouki (الدسوقي) (Desouk, Egypt, 1255 – 1296), was a Sufi saint and Imam and the founder of the Desouki Order.

Mausoleum of Saint Ibrahim El-Desouki.


El-Desouki was born in Desouk on the Nile delta and there he lived his whole life, hence his attribution to it.[1] According to tradition, He is a descendant of Ali ibn Abi Talib from his paternal side and to the Caliph of the Dasooqi order in Egypt from his maternal side.[2] El-Desouki was influenced by the Shadhili Sufi order and was as well close to his contemporary Sufi Ahmad al-Badawi of Tanta.[3] He became Sheikh ul-Islam of Egypt during Baibars' rule.

His feast is celebrated twice a year: the first during April, and the second on October the 2nd.[4]

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