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Ibrahim Maiga, also known as Ibi Maiga,[1][2][3] born in Mopti, Mali in 1963 or 1964,[4] is a Slovak singer, actor, comedian, and politician.[5][6] The BBC describes him as "celebrity in Slovakia".[7]

He moved to what was then Czechoslovakia in the late 1980s, as a student, and subsequently obtained Slovak citizenship. He "quickly became famous as a singer and actor".[8] The BBC describes him as "a well-known figure" through his "infectious humour and songs about his homeland, Mali".[9]

He stood as a candidate for the European Parliament during the 2009 elections, representing the Party of the Democratic Left (SDL).[10][11] As a pro-European, he has stated: "Particularly now, in a time of crisis, we see how important the European Union is. Without its existence, several States might have suffered collapse".[12] Explaining his choice to run for the European Parliament, he also stated: "I really want to fight this election just to show Europe that Slovakia has a great future in Europe. If I'm elected and for the first time in history a black man represents Slovakia, that's going to be obvious to all of Europe."[13]

Maiga speaks six languages.[14]

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