Ibrahim Muhammad Didi

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Ibrahim Muhammad Didi
Ibrahim Mohamed Didi.jpg
President of the Maldives
In office
September 2, 1953 – March 7, 1954
Preceded by Mohamed Amin Didi
Succeeded by Office Abolished
Maldives Sultanate
(Muhammad Fareed Didi)
1st Vice President of the Maldives
In office
January 1, 1953 – September 2, 1953
President Mohamed Amin Didi
Preceded by Office Created
Succeeded by Mohammed Waheed Hassan
Personal details
Born March 20, 1902[citation needed]
Malé, Maldives
Died October 6, 1981[citation needed]
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Nationality Maldivian
Political party Rayyithunge Muthagaddim Party
Religion Islam

Ibrahim Muhammad Didi (Dhivehi: އިބްރާހީމް މުޙައްމަދުދީދީ; died October 6, 1981[citation needed]), (also known as Velaanaagey Ibrahim Didi) was the first Vice President of Maldives. While people demanded him to be President on terms that the vacancy of the office of the President leads to the succession of the Vice President to presidency, Ibrahim Didi also served as acting president from September 2, 1953 to March 7, 1954 after the banishment of Mohamed Amin Didi.