Ibrahim Pasha Mosque

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Ibrahim Pasha Mosque
Maktul ibrahim Pasa Camii (Razgrad).jpg
Front view
Basic information
Location Bulgaria Razgrad, Bulgaria
Geographic coordinates 43°31′30″N 26°31′2″E / 43.52500°N 26.51722°E / 43.52500; 26.51722Coordinates: 43°31′30″N 26°31′2″E / 43.52500°N 26.51722°E / 43.52500; 26.51722
Affiliation Islam
Country Bulgaria
Completed 1616
Dome(s) 1
Minaret(s) 1

Ibrahim Pasha Mosque, (Bulgarian: Ибрахим паша джамия, Turkish: İbrahim Paşa Camisi) is a mosque in Bulgaria.


The structure is situated in the city of Razgrad, Ludogorie (Turkish: Deliorman) region. Currently the mosque is closed for usage and its reconstruction still has not been completed since socialist Bulgarian times.