Ibrahim Pasha of Scutari

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Ibrahim Pasha
Governor of Scutari
ReignSeptember 1796–1810
PredecessorKara Mahmud Pasha
SuccessorMustafa Pasha
BornSanjak of Scutari, Ottoman Empire
FatherMehmed Pasha

Ibrahim Bushati or Ibrahim Bushat Pasha (died 1810) was a noble of the Bushati family in Ottoman controlled Albania near the city of Shkodër. Brother of Kara Mahmud Bushati, the Ottoman appointed governor of Shkodër, Albania.During his rule in Shkodra, Ibrahim was appointed Beylebey of Rumelia in 1805 and took part in the attempt to crush the First Serbian Uprising under Karađorđe Petrović after the Battle of Ivankovac. Ibrahim Bushati is also known to have aided Ali Pasha on various occasions. In fact Ali Pasha's two sons Muktar Pasha and Veil Pasha are known to have served under the command of Ibrahim Bushati in 1806.[1]

Ibrahim Bushati inherited a very turbulent position at Shkodër, especially after the events of the First Serbian Uprising and consistently worked closely with the Ottoman Empire right up until his death in 1810. He was succeeded by Mustafa Reshit Pasha.

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Preceded by
Kara Mahmud Bushati
Pasha of Scutari
Succeeded by
Mustafa Reshit Pasha