Ibrahim Temo

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Ibrahim Temo
U1 IbrahimTemo-Ohri.jpg
Born Ibrahim Ethem Sojliu
Struga, Ottoman Empire
Died 1939
Medgidia, Romania
Nationality Albanian
Other names Ibrahim Starova
Occupation Doctor
Known for Committee of Union and Progress
Society for the Publication of Albanian Writings
Relatives Nuri Sojliu (brother)

Ibrahim Starova (born Ibrahim Ethem Sojliu; 1865–1939), better known as Ibrahim Temo, was an Ottoman Albanian politician, revolutionary, intellectual, and a medical doctor by profession.

Temo was born Ibrahim Ethem Sojliu in Struga, then in the Ottoman Empire. He joined Mehmed Reshid and fellow doctor Abdullah Cevdet in forming a progressive secret society (and later political party), the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), originally devoted to overthrowing the absolute rule of Ottoman sultan Abdul Hamid II.[1] This was successful; in the Young Turk Revolution in 1908, the CUP (and its informal arm, the Young Turks) forced Abdul Hamid II to restore constitutional monarchy in the Ottoman Empire, starting the Second Constitutional Era.

Temo was also one of the founders of the Society for the Publication of Albanian Writings (Albanian: Shoqëri e të shtypurit shkronjavet shqip).[2] He died in Medgidia in Romania in 1939.

A high school in Struga is named after Temo.


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